EViews 11 Beta Release

Thank you for your interest in the EViews 11 Beta Release.

This beta release contains most of the new features we aim to release with EViews 11, but not all. The features that are included may not be 100% complete. These features are:

  • Spreadsheet Colouring
  • GeoMaps (geographical maps in EViews)
  • Python Integration
  • Command Explorer
  • Command Autocomplete
  • Duplicates Analysis
  • Split Frequency Conversion
  • BEA, Census, and NOAA Database Access
  • Elastic Net and LASSO Estimation
  • New Bayesian VARs
  • Mixed Frequency VARs
  • Switching VARs
  • Seasonal Unit Root Tests
  • Functional Coefficient Estimation
  • New Equation Standard Error Options
  • New Series Generation and Matrix Functions

A PDF document with basic documentation on the new features can be downloaded from here.

Please send any comments and/or bug reports to beta@eviews.com

The beta release will work on any Windows machine that has EViews 10 Standard or Enterprise (not Student Lite or University Edition) installed and registered. To install the beta, download and run one of the following beta installers:

Note: EViews 11 Beta requires internet connectivity each time it starts, and will notify IHSMarkit each time it is run. The information sent by EViews 11 Beta is encrypted and includes only the EViews 10 serial number and the machine ID. Information is not collected on how EViews is used, by whom, and the data being analysed. If you do not wish to send any data at all, please do not use the EViews 11 Beta.