EViews 8 Student Version for Windows and Mac

"…an inexpensive version of EViews 8 targeted for instructional use in the areas of econometric analysis, forecasting, and statistics"…

EViews 8 Student Version

EViews 8 Student Version offers the ease-of-use and power of EViews in a low-cost package targeted at classroom use.

EViews Student Version's innovative and intuitive interface puts the powerful econometric and data analysis tools used by professional researchers worldwide at your fingertips. With EViews, you can concentrate on using these tools without having to learn complicated command syntax or navigate through layers of menus.

Why struggle with underpowered and unwieldy software when you can use EViews to quickly and efficiently manage data, perform econometric and statistical analysis, generate forecasts and small simulations, and produce high quality graphs and tables.

EViews Student Version is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

License and Restrictions

The EViews Student Version license restricts use to a single machine by a single user. The user must be a currently enrolled student or currently employed faculty member. Note specifically that the Student Version is not licensed for use on public access computers. The use of the Student Version requires product activation/registration. The Student Version License will expire two years after first use, and the Student Version will no longer run two years after the first activation.

In addition, while the EViews Student Version offers most of the capabilities of our flagship EViews software, in keeping with the targeted classroom use, the following restrictions are imposed:

  • EViews Student Version places "soft" capacity restrictions on the amount of data that you may save. While you may use EViews Student Version to work with and analyze data of virtually any size, datasets which exceed the soft limits (1,500 observations per series, 15,000 total observations, 60 objects) may not be saved nor exported.

  • Reading/importing workfile is limited to 3 pages.

  • Programming capabilities and batch mode processing are not supported. Note that this restriction means that EViews Add-ins and User Objects may not be used. Similarly COM and the Excel Add-in are not supported.

  • X-11, X-12, X-13, and Tramo/Seats X-11 seasonal adjustment, solving model objects with more than 10 equations, storing EViews objects to databases, database auto-search, and redirection of print output to text or RTF files are not supported.

  • The Mac version does not support saving of graphics to .PNG and .JPG formats, or using OLE during copy and paste operations.

System Requirements

EViews 8 Student for Windows


Pentium or better

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista


512 MB Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MB Windows Vista
256 MB Windows XP

Disk Space:

270 MB of available hard disk space for the EViews executable, supporting files, full documentation, and example files.

EViews 8 Student for Mac



Operating System:

OS X.6 (Snow Leopard), OS X.7 (Lion),
OS X.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X.10 (Yosemite).


512 MB

Disk Space:

1,100 MB of available hard disk space for the EViews executable, supporting files, full documentation, and example files.

Pricing and Purchasing

The EViews 8 Student Version has a list price of US$39.95.

EViews 8 Student Version may be purchased directly online from IHS. Please note that after purchasing, you must validate your eligibility by sending an email to sales@eviews.com from your academic email address.

The Student Version may be obtained by students directly from IHS EViews. Click here for an order form to purchase via email or fax.

Book Bundles

EViews 8 Student Version is not currently bundled with any textbooks. Please contact your publisher to inquire about future availability.

EViews 7 Student Version is available bundled with the following textbooks:

EViews 6 Student Version is available bundled with the following textbooks: 

For further information or to order these texts, please contact the publisher or other book retailer.