Introduction to EViews Programming

Next Date: TBD

Cost: $175

Introduction to EViews Programming is a three hour (split into two 1.5 hour sessions) webinar covering the following topics*:

The EViews Command Language.
  • The Basics: Commands, functions, and object views/procs and data members.
  • Commands: some simple starting commands.
  • Functions: some simple starting functions.
  • Object views/procs.
  • Object data members.
EViews Programs Basics.
  • Creating a new program.
  • Loading and saving programs.
  • Running a program.
  • A simple program: A collection of commands.
  • Comments.
Program Variables.
  • Scalar (!) variables.
  • String (%) variables.
  • Replacement variables.
  • Program Arguments.
Control of Execution.
  • If/else/endif statements.
  • If statements and series/samples.
  • For loops: Numerical and String based.
Error Handling.
  • Setting the maximum number of errors.
  • Checking whether an error has occurred.

*Syllabus subject to change at any time.