Command Reference : Command Reference
Open or create a database.
If the specified database does not exist, a new (empty) database will be created and opened. The opened database will become the default database.
db(options) [path\]db_name [as shorthand_name]
Follow the db command by the name of the database to be opened or to be created (if it does not already exist). You may include a path name to work with a database not in the default path.
You may use the “as” keyword to provide an optional shorthand_name or short text label which may be used to refer to the database in commands and programs. If you leave this field blank, a default shorthand_name will be assigned automatically.
See “Database Shorthands” for additional discussion.
See dbopen for a list of available options for working with foreign format databases.
db findat
opens the database FINDAT in the default path and makes it the default database from which to store and fetch objects. If the database FINDAT does not already exist, an empty database named FINDAT will be created and opened.
See “EViews Databases” for a discussion of EViews databases.
See also dbcreate and dbopen.