Command Reference : Command Reference
Creates graph, table, or text objects from a view.
freeze(options, name) object_name.view_command
If you follow the keyword freeze with an object name but no view of the object, freeze will use the default view for the object. You may provide a destination name for the object containing the frozen view in parentheses.
mode = overwrite
Overwrites the object name if it already exists.
freeze gdp.uroot(4,t)
creates an untitled table that contains the results of the unit root test of the series GDP.
group rates tb1 tb3 tb6
freeze(gra1) rates.line(m)
show gra1.align(2,1,1)
freezes a graph named GRA1 that contains multiple line graphs of the series in the group RATES, realigns the individual graphs, and displays the resulting graph.
freeze(mygra) gra1 gra3 gra4
show mygra.align(2,1,1)
creates a graph object named MYGRA that combines three graph objects GRA1, GRA2, and GRA3, and displays MYGRA in two columns.
freeze(mode=overwrite, mygra) gra1 gra2 gra3
show mygra.align(2,1,1)
creates a graph object MYGRA that combines the three graph objects GRA1, GRA2 and GRA3, and displays MYGRA in two columns. If the object MYGRA already exists, it would be replaced by the new object.
See “Object Commands” for discussion. See also “Object Basics” for further discussion of objects and views of objects.
Freezing graph views is described in “Creating Graph Objects”.