Command Reference : Command Reference
Change the details displayed in the current workfile window, optionally freezing the results into a table object in the current workfile.
wfdetails(options) col1[(width1)] [col2[(width2)].....] @sort sortcol
Specify the names of the attribute columns you would like to display in the workfile details view, optionally including the width of the column in parenthesis. Widths can be specified with positive numbers, indicating a width in pixels, or negative numbers if you wish to specify the width in approximate characters.
You may use the @sort keyword at the end of the specification to indicate by which column to sort the details view.
Create a table object name, containing the details view table.
Used with “out=” option to suppress the header row at the top of the frozen table.
wfdetails start end
shows the workfile details view, with the attribute columns “start” and “end”.
wfdetails(out=dettable) start(30) end(-10)
shows the same view, but setting the “start” column’s width to 30 pixels, and the “end” column’s width to 10 characters, and freezing the view into a table called DETTABLE.
wfdetails start end @sortcol type
sorts the details view by object type.
See “Workfile Details Display” for discussion.