Command Reference : Working with Spools : Creating a Spool
Creating a Spool
There are two methods you may use to create a spool. You may declare a spool using the spool command, or you may print an object to a new spool.
To declare an empty spool, use the keyword spool followed by a name for the new spool:
spool myNewSpool
creates a new, empty spool object MYNEWSPOOL.
A new spool may also be created by printing from an object to a non-existent spool. To print to a spool you must redirect the output of print jobs to the spool using the output command. For example, the command:
output(s) myNewSpool
instructs EViews to send all subsequent print jobs to the MYNEWSPOOL spool (see output).
Once you redirect your output, you may create a spool using the print command or the ā€œpā€ option of an object view or procedure.
creates the spool object MYNEWSPOOL and appends a copy of TAB1. Alternately,
appends the EQ1 equation output to the newly created spool object.
To turn off redirection, simply issue the command
output off