Command Reference : Working with Spools : Printing the Spool
Printing the Spool
Printing a entire spool object is the same as printing any other object in EViews, simply use the print command followed by the name of the spool:
print spool01
prints all of SPOOL01.
To print an object stored in SPOOL01, us the Spool::print proc and specify the name of the object within the spool that you wish to print. For example,
spool01.print state/county
prints the COUNTY object, which is located in the STATE spool in SPOOL01. The Spool::print proc also allows you to print multiple objects in the spool.
spool01.print state county
prints both the STATE and COUNTY objects individually.
When printing from the command window, the Print Options dialog will be displayed for each object specified, allowing you to modify printer settings. When printing from a program, the current printer settings will be used. To modify the current printer settings, you may use File/Print Setup to set the global print defaults (“Print Setup”).