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EViews COM Automation Server
EViews may be used as a COM Automation server so that an external program or script may launch and control EViews programmatically. EViews COM is comprised of two class objects: Manager and Application.
The Manager class is used to manage and create instances of the main EViews Application class. The Application class provides access to EViews functionality and data. Most notably, the Application class Run and a variety of Get and Put methods provide you with access to EViews commands and allow you to obtain read or write access to series, vectors, matrix, and scalar objects.
For a complete description of these methods, please refer to the EViews COM Automation Server whitepaper, available from our website
Note that web server access to EViews via COM is not allowed. Furthermore, EViews will limit COM access to a single instance when run by other Windows services or run remotely via Distributed COM.