Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Graph
texspec / -texspec
[Include / Do not include] the full LaTeX documentation specification in the LaTeX output. The default behavior is taken from the global default settings.
graph1.save(t=ps, -box, land) c:\data\MyGra1
saves GRAPH1 as a PostScript file MYGRA1.EPS. The graph is saved in landscape orientation without a bounding box.
graph2.save(t=emf, u=pts, w=300, h=300) MyGra2
saves GRAPH2 in the default directory as an Enhanced Windows metafile MYGRA2.EMF. The image will be scaled to points.
graph3.save(t=png, u=in, w=5, d=300) MyGra3
saves GRAPH3 in the default directory as a PNG file MYGRA3.PNG. The image will be 5 inches wide at 300 dpi.
See “Graph Objects” for a discussion of graphs.