Object Reference : Graph Creation Commands
Graph Creation Commands
This section contains reference material for commands that display graph views of various EViews data objects. The chapter differs in structure from the earlier object reference (“Object View and Procedure Reference”) in that instead of focusing on specific objects, it describes the ways in which the graph commands may be used with multiple objects. For details on commands to customize existing graphs, see the graph object reference: “Graph”.
The remainder of the section consists of alphabetical listings of the graph view commands in three distinct formats:
the first listing provides a basic summary of the available graph commands, with a reference to the detailed description for that command.
the second listing repeats the summary of graph commands, pairing each entry with a list of the EViews objects with which it may be used.
the third listing, which constitutes the main portion of this chapter, consists of a detailed description of each graph command, including basic syntax and options, as well as examples and cross-references.