Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Model
Solve options for models.
solveopt sets options for model solution but does not solve the model. The same options can be set directly in a solve procedure.
s=arg (default=“d”)
Solution type: “d” (deterministic), “m” (stochastic – collect means only), “s” (stochastic – collect means and s.d.), “b” (stochastic – collect means and confidence bounds), “a” (stochastic – collect all; means, s.d. and confidence bounds).
d=arg (default=“d”)
Model solution dynamics: “d” (dynamic solution), “s” (static solution), “f” (fitted values – single equation solution).
Ignore ARMA terms and use only the structural part of the equations when solving the model.
m=integer (default=5000)
Maximum number of iterations for solution (maximum 100,000).
c=number (default=1e-8)
Convergence criterion. Based upon the maximum change in any of the endogenous variables in the model. You may set a number between 1e-15 and 0.01.
a=arg (default=“f”)
Alternate scenario solution: “t” (true - solve both active and alternate scenario and collect deviations for stochastic), “f” (false - solve only the active scenario).
o=arg (default=“g”)
Solution method: “g” (Gauss-Seidel), “n” (Newton), “b” (Broyden).
i=arg (default=“a”)
Set initial (starting) solution values: “a” (actuals), “p” (values in period prior to start of solution period).
n=arg (default=“t”)
NA behavior: “t” (true - stop on “NA” values), “f” (false - do not stop when encountering “NA” values). Only applies to deterministic solution; EViews will always stop on “NA” values in stochastic solution.
e=arg (default=“t”)
Excluded variables initialized from actuals: “t” (true), “f” (false).
t=arg (default=“u”)
Terminal condition for forward solution: “u” (user supplied - actuals), “l” (constant level), “d” (constant difference), “g” (constant growth rate).
Solve direction: “t” (two-directional), “f” (forwards only).
g=arg (default==7)
Number of digits to round solution: an integer value (number of digits), “n” (do not roundoff).
z=arg (default==1e-7)
Zero value: a positive number below which the solution (absolute value) is set to zero, “n” (do not set to zero).
f=arg (default==”t”)
Order simultaneous blocks for minimum feedback: “t” (true), “f” (false).
v=arg (default==“f”)
Display verbose diagnostic messages: “t” (true), “f” (false).
j=arg (default==“a”)
Use analytic or numeric Jacobians: “a” (analytic), “n” (numeric only).
See “Models” for a discussion of models.
See also Model::model, Model::msg, and Model::solve. Stochastic solution options should be set using Model::stochastic.