Command Reference : Programming Language Reference
Syntax: @wlookup(pattern_list[, object_type_list])
Argument 1: pattern string list, pattern_list
Argument 2: object type string list, object_type_list
Return: string list
Returns a string list of all objects in the workfile or database that satisfy the pattern_list and, optionally, the object_type_list. The pattern_list may be made up of any number of “?” (indicates any single character) or “*” (indicates any number of characters). The pattern must exactly match the object name in the workfile or database.
If a workfile contains three graph objects named “GR1”, “GR2”, and “GR01” and two series objects named “SR1” and “SER2”, then
returns the string list “GR1 GR2 GR01”. All objects beginning with “GR” and followed by any number of characters are included. Alternately,
returns the string list “GR1 GR2 GR01 SR1”. SER2 is not included because “?” specifies a single character preceding an “R”.
returns the string “SR1”. The object type “series” drops all graph objects from the list, and “?R?” filters out SER2 because “?” specifies a single character.