Command Reference : Programming Language Reference
Saves program variables to an “.ini” file.
saveprogini([file=filename]) [section]name value
Saves the value (either string or scalar) into the name under the section [section] in the “.ini” file specified by filename. If no section is provided, a [default] section is used. If no filename is given, EViews will create an “.ini” file with the same name as the current running program in the same directory. If the program is untitled, the current default directory is used. This command must be run from inside a program.
saveprgini(file="c:\temp\myini.ini") hello 3
This will create a “.ini” file containing:
You may then load the value into a string using @loadprgini:
create u 10
string a = @loadprgini("hello", "c:\temp\myini.ini")
See also @loadprgini.