Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Spool
Spool Procs
Save spool object to disk as a tab-delimited ASCII text, RTF, CSV, or PDF file.
spool_name.save(options) [path]\file_name
Follow the keyword with a name for the file. file_name may include the file type extension, or the file type may be specified using the “t=” option.
If an explicit path is not specified, the file will be stored in the default directory, as set in the File Locations global options.
t=file_type (default= “txt”)
Specifies the file type, where file_type may be: “rtf” (Rich-text format), “txt” (tab-delimited text), “csv” (comma-separated values (CSV) format), “pdf” (Portable Document Format, PDF), “tex” (LaTeX file).
Files will be saved with the “.rtf”, “.txt”, “.csv”, or “pdf” extensions, respectively.
If you specify a text or CSV file, graphs in the spool will not be written to the file.
Include object titles.
Include object comments.
Force the dialog to appear from within a program.
PDF Options
Multiple object handling: “i” (each object on individual page), “c” (continuous), or “f” (fit to page)
Save in landscape mode (the default is to save in portrait mode).
size=arg (default=“letter”)
Page size: “letter”, “legal”, “a4”, and “custom”.
width=number (default=8.5)
Page width in inches if “size=custom”.
height=number (default=11)
Page height in inches if “size=custom”.
leftmargin=number (default=0.5)
Left margin width in inches.
rightmargin=number (default = 0.5)
Right margin width in inches.
topmargin=number (default=1)
Top margin width in inches.
bottommargin= number (default = 1)
Bottom margin width in inches.
LaTeX Options
texspec / -texspec
[Include / Do not include] the full LaTeX documentation specification in the LaTeX output. The default behavior is taken from the global default settings.
spool01.save(t=rtf, title) c:\temp\spool01
saves SPOOL01 to an RTF file named “spool01.rtf” in the “C:\TEMP” directory, and precedes each object in the spool with its title.
spool01.save(comment) spool01.txt
saves SPOOL01 to a text file named “spool01.txt” in the current directory, and precedes each object in the spool with its associated comment if one exists.
For additional discussion see “Saving a Spool”.