Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Spool
Set the font for title and comments.
spool_name.setfont font_args
where font_args may include one or more of the options listed below.
[face], [pt], [+/-b], [+/-i], [+/-u], [+/-s]
Set characteristics of the font for the spool titles and comments. The font name (face), size (pt), and characteristics are all optional. Face should be a valid font name, enclosed in double quotes. pt should be the font size in points. The remaining options specify whether to turn on/off boldface (b), italic (i), underline (u), and strikeout (s) styles.
spool1.setfont “Times New Roman” +i
sets the title and comment font to Times New Roman italic.
spool1.setfont 8pt
changes the font to 8 point.
spool1.setfont +b -i
removes the italic, and adds boldface.
spool1.setfont -s +u 14pt
changes the point size to 14, removes strikethrough, and adds underscoring.
spool1.setfont “Batang” 14pt +u
changes the typeface to Batang, and adds underscoring.
For additional discussion of spools see “Spool Objects”.