Getting Started : Updating Your Copy of EViews
Updating Your Copy of EViews
EViews 10 offers an automatic updating feature that can check for new updates every day, and install an updated version if available. (The automatic update feature can be enabled or disabled from the Options/EViews Auto-Update from Web menu item.)
Alternately, you may manually check for updates from within EViews at any time by selecting Check now... under the EViews Auto-Update from Web menu item, or by selecting EViews Update from the Help menu.
You may also visit the EViews website to check for updates to the EViews program and other components (documentation, sample data, and sample programs). Use your browser to go to:
and navigate to the downloads area. Downloading updates will not require re-registration of EViews on any previously registered computer. Simply download the update, run the installer, and you will have the latest shipping copy of your software.