Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @makedate(arg1[, arg2[,arg3]], fmt)
Argument 1: number, arg1
Argument 2: number(s) arg2, arg3
Argument 3: date format, fmt
Return: date number
Takes the numeric values given by the arguments arg1, and optionally, arg2, etc. and returns a date number using the required format string, fmt.
The expressions,
@makedate(1999, "yyyy")
@makedate(99, "yy")
both return the date number 729754.0 corresponding to 12 midnight on January 1, 1999.
@makedate(199003, "yyyymm")
@makedate(1990.3, "")
@makedate(1031990, "ddmmyyyy")
@makedate(30190, "mmddyy")
all return the value 726526.0, representing March 1, 1990.
See “Date Formats” and “Translating Ordinary Numbers into Date Numbers” for additional details. See also @strdate.