Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @tz(sourcetime[, sourcetz, desttz])
Argument 1: date, sourcetime
Argument 2: string, sourcetz
Argument 3: string, desttz
Return: date
Converts a point in time from the source time zone into the destination time zone.
The sourcetz and desttz strings can either contain raw time zone information in the format returned by @tzlist or it can contain search text (such as a city name) that can be found within one of the time zone descriptions returned by the function @tzspec.
series localtime = @tz(utctime, "London", "Sydney")
converts a series containing time values in London local time into equivalent local time values in Sydney.
See “Dates” and “Event Functions” for related discussion.
See also the related time zone functions @utc, @localt, @tzlist, and @tzspec.