Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @wfind(str_list, str_cmp)
Argument 1: string list, str_list
Argument 2: string, str_cmp
Return: number n
Looks for the string str_cmp in the string list str_list, and returns the position in the list or 0 if the string is not in the list. This function is case-sensitive; use the @wfindnc function to ignore case. Note that this function works only on single words; for multiple words, use @instr.
@wfind("I did it", "did")
returns the number 2, indicating the string “did” is second in the list.
@wfind("I did not do it", "i")
This function is case-sensitive and searches for the full string, so “i” will not be found and the function will return the number 0.
See also @wfindnc, @instr.