Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Table
Adds or removes a comment in a table cell.
table_name.comment(cell_arg) [comment_arg]
where cell_arg, which identifies the cell, can take one of the following forms:
Cell identifier. You can reference cells using either the column letter and row number (e.g., “A1”), or by using “R” followed by the row number followed by “C” and the column number (e.g., “R1C2”).
row[,] col
Row number, followed by column letter or number (e.g., “2,C”, or “2,3”), separated by “,”.
and where comment_arg is a string expression enclosed in double quotes. If command_arg is omitted, a previously defined comment will be removed.
To add a comment, “hello world”, to the cell in the second row, fourth column, you may use one of the following:
tab1.comment(d2) "hello world"
tab1.comment(r2c4) "hello world"
tab1.comment(2,d) "hello world"
tab1.comment(2,4) "hello world"
To remove a comment, simply omit the comment_arg:
clears the comment (if present) from the second row, fourth column.
For additional discussion of table commands see “Working with Tables and Spreadsheets”. See also Table::setlines and Table::setmerge.