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EViews 10 Compatibility Notes
Workfile Compatibility
The following discussion describes EViews 10 compatibility issues for users of earlier versions.
Workfile Compatibility
With few exceptions, EViews 10 workfiles are backward compatible with EViews 9. Note that the following objects are new or have been modified in Version 10:
Estimation objects estimated with methods that employ new features (smooth threshold regression, ARDL models estimated with an unrestricted constqant and unrestricted trend (case 5) and those estimated with manual fixed lags, regression with new forms of heteroskedasticity-consistent and cluster robust standard errors, VARs with restrictions)
SVARs specified using the new syntax and methods will not be loaded on earlier versions of the EViews. The original VAR object may sill be read, but will not have the associated SVAR results.
If you have saved workfiles containing any of the above objects and open them in EViews 8 or earlier, EViews will delete the incompatible object and notify you that one or more objects were not read. If you then save the workfile, you will lose the objects. We recommend that you make a copy of any workfiles that contain these objects if you would like to use these workfiles in earlier versions of EViews.