Getting Started : New Features in EViews 10 : Overview
Testing and Diagnostics
The following is a summary of the most important new features in EViews.
General EViews Interface
Automatic and user-controlled workfile histories and backup (“Workfile Backup Snapshots”).
Enhanced logging and message windows (“Enhanced Logging Abilities”).
Live statistics display for data in the spreadsheet view (“Live Statistics Display”).
Support for 300-character object names (“Long Object Names”).
Improved R connectivity (“Improved R Connectivity”).
Data Handling
Improved support for reading and writing R data (“Improved R Data Support”).
Custom attribute import and export (“Attribute Import and Export”).
Direct access to online SDMX databases for Eurostat, ECB, and U.N. data (“Eurostat, ECB, UN, and IMF”).
Import SDMX-ML format data files (“SDMX-ML Files”).
Direct access to online World Bank data (“World Bank Data”).
Export data in Tableau and JSON formats (“Exporting Data in Tableau and JSON Formats”).
STL and MoveReg Seasonal Adjustment Methods (“STL Decomposition and MoveReg Seasonal Adjustment”).
Graphs and Tables
Bubble plots (“Bubble plots”).
Series updating in graphs (“Updating Series in Graph Objects”).
Interactive observation annotation (“Interactive Observation Annotation”).
Text annotation of graph views (“Graph View Text Annotation”).
New graph templates and settings (“New Graph Settings”).
Table row sorting (“Table Row Sorting”).
Econometrics and Statistics
Smooth Threshold Regression Estimation (“Smooth Threshold Regression Estimation”).
Bias Corrected Heteroskedasticity-Consistent Covariances (“Finite-Sample Adjusted Heteroskedasticity-Consistent Covariances”).
Cluster Robust Covariance Estimation (“Cluster-Robust Covariances”).
Estimation of VARs with Linear Restrictions (“VARs with Linear Restrictions”).
Enhanced Structural VAR Estimation (“SVAR Specification and Estimation”).
Testing and Diagnostics
New Linearity and Constancy Testing (“Linearity and Constancy Tests”).
VAR Tools for Structural Residuals (“VAR Tools for Structural Residuals”).
Improved VAR Serial Correlation Testing (“Improved VAR Serial Correlation Testing”).
VAR Historical and Improved Variance Decomposition (“VAR Historical and Variance Decomposition”.
Nonlinear Equation Dynamic Forecasting Simulation (“Nonlinear Dynamic Forecasting Simulation”).
STL and MoveReg Seasonal Adjustment Methods (“STL Decomposition and MoveReg Seasonal Adjustment”).
Model Solution Variable Bounds Checking (“Model Bounds Checking”).
Improved Distribution Function and Special Function Calculations (“Improved Distribution Function and Special Function Calculations”).
Other Features
New functions for use in series generation (“Series Generating Functions”).
Added matrix language tools (“Matrix Functions”).
New programming support functions (“Programming Support Functions”).
New object data members (“Object Data Members”).
List of new or updated global commands (“Updated Command List”).
List of new or updated object commands (“Updated Object List”).
EViews 10 Compatibility Notes
Compatibility notes for users of EViews 10 (“EViews 10 Compatibility Notes”).