User’s Guide : EViews Fundamentals : Advanced Workfiles : Sorting a Workfile
Sorting a Workfile
Basic data in workfiles are held in objects called series. If you click on Proc/Sort Current Page … in the workfile toolbar, you can sort all of the series in an unstructured workfile on the basis of the values of one or more of the series. A dialog box will open where you can provide the details about the sort.
If you list two or more series, EViews uses the values of the second series to resolve ties in the first series, and values of the third series to resolve ties in the first and second, and so forth. If you wish to sort in descending order, select the appropriate option in the dialog.
EViews will only sort unstructured workfiles since sorting a dated or structured workfile will break the link between an observation and the corresponding date identifier.
If you attempt to sort a dated or structured workfile, EViews will display a warning informing you that it will first unstructure your data, and then sort the data. Click on OK to continue with the operation.