Command Reference : Command Reference
Convert the entire DRI Basic Economics database into an EViews database.
You must create an EViews database to store the converted DRI data before you use this command. This command may be very time-consuming.
driconvert db_name
Follow the command by listing the name of an existing EViews database into which you would like to copy the DRI data. You may include a path name to specify a database not in the default path.
dbcreate dribasic
driconvert dribasic
driconvert c:\mydata\dridbase
The first line creates a new (empty) database named DRIBASIC in the default directory. The second line copies all the data in the DRI Basic Economics database into in the DRIBASIC database. The last example copies the DRI data into the database DRIDBASE that is located in the C:\MYDATA directory.
See “EViews Databases” for a discussion of EViews databases.
See also dbcreate and db.