Command Reference : Command Reference
Display objects.
The show command displays series or other objects on your screen. A scalar object is displayed in the status line at the bottom of the EViews window.
show object_name.view_command
show object1 [object2 object3 ...]
The command show should be followed by the name of an object, or an object name with an attached view.
For series and graph objects, show can operate on a list of names. The list of names must be of the same type. show creates and displays an untitled group or multiple graph object.
genr x=nrnd
show x.hist
close x
generates a series X of random draws from a standard normal distribution, displays the histogram view of X, and closes the series window.
show wage log(wage)
opens an untitled group window with the spreadsheet view of the two series.
freeze(gra1) wage.hist
genr lwage=log(wage)
freeze(gra2) lwage.hist
show gra1 gra2
opens an untitled graph object with two histograms.
See “Object Commands” for discussion.
“Object View and Procedure Reference” provides a complete listing of the views of the various objects.
See also close and do.