Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Matrix
Set the display justification for cells in a matrix object spreadsheet view.
matrix_name.setjust format_arg
where format_arg is a set of arguments used to specify format settings. You should enclose the format_arg in double quotes if it contains any spaces or delimiters.
For matrices, setjust operates on all of the cells in the matrix.
The format_arg may be formed using the following:
top / middle / bottom]
Vertical justification setting.
auto / left / center / right
Horizontal justification setting. “Auto” uses left justification for strings, and right for numbers.
You may enter one or both of the justification settings. The default settings are taken from the Global Defaults for spreadsheet views.
mat1.setjust middle
sets the vertical justification to the middle.
mat1.setjust top left
sets the vertical justification to top and the horizontal justification to left.
See Matrix::setwidth and Matrix::setindent for details on setting spreadsheet widths and indentation.