Command Reference : Matrix Language Reference
Syntax: @subextract(o, n1, n2, n3, n4)
Argument 1: vector, rowvector, matrix or sym, o
Argument 2: integer, n1
Argument 3: integer, n2
Argument 4: (optional) integer, n3
Argument 5: (optional) integer, n4
Return: matrix
Returns a submatrix of a specified matrix, o. n1 is the row and n2 is the column of the upper left element to be extracted. The optional arguments n3 and n4 provide the row and column location of the lower right corner of the matrix. Unless n3 and n4 are provided this function returns a matrix containing all of the elements below and to the right of the starting element.
matrix m2 = @subextract(m1,5,9,6,11)
matrix m2 = @subextract(m1,5,9)