Command Reference : Programming Language Reference
Syntax: @uiradio(IO_Selectitem, groupbox_label, radio_items)
Argument 1: scalar, select_item
Argument 2: string, groupbox_label
Argument 3: string, radio_items
Return: integer
Displays a dialog with a series of radio buttons. Create the radio buttons by specifying radio_items, a space delimited list of items. You should initialize the selection and retrieve the result with IO_Selectitem. The groupbox_label specifies the label for the groupbox that will appear around the radio buttons.
Both prompt_string and listbox_items may be specified using in-line text, but IO_Selectitem must be either a program variable or an object in your workfile as it is used to return results.
The dialog shows an OK and Cancel button, and will return an integer representing the button clicked: Cancel (-1), OK (0).
scalar selection = 2
@uiradio(selection, "Please select an item:", "Item1 Item2 Item3")
These commands display a dialog with three radio buttons, labeled “Item1”, “Item2”, and “Item3”. The title “Please select an item:” appears above the radio buttons, and the second item is initially selected. If the user selects the third item and presses OK, the scalar SELECTION will contain the value 3, and the dialog will return the value 0.
See “User-Defined Dialogs” for discussion.
See also @uidialog, @uilist, @uiprompt, @uiedit.