Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @replace(str1, str2, str3[,n])
Argument 1: string, str1
Argument 2: string, str2
Argument 3: string, str3
Argument 4: integer, n
Return: string
Returns the base string str1, with the replacement str3 substituted for the target string str2. By default, all occurrences of str2 will be replaced, but you may provide an optional integer n to specify the number of occurrences to be replaced.
@replace("Do you think that you can do it?", "you", "I")
returns the string “Do I think that I can do it?”, while
@replace("Do you think that you can do it?", "you", "I", 1)
returns “Do I think that you can do it?”.
See also @insert and @mid.