Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @wreplace(str_list, "src_pattern", "replace_pattern")
Argument 1: string list, str_list
Argument 2: string pattern, src_pattern
Argument 3: string pattern, replace_pattern
Return: string list
Replaces instances of src_pattern in str_list with replace_pattern. The pattern lists may be made up of any number of “?” (indicates any single character) or “*” (indicates any number of characters). The pattern is case-sensitive and must exactly match the str_list characters to be replaced.
@wreplace("ABC AB", "*B*", "*X*")
replaces all instances of “B” with “X”, returning the string “AXC AX”.
@wreplace("ABC DDBC", "??B?", "??X?")
replaces all instances of “B” which have two leading characters and one following character, returning the string “ABC DDXC”.
See also @wdrop and @wkeep.