Command Reference : String and Date Function Reference
Syntax: @wdelim(str_list, "src_delim", "dest_delim")
Argument 1: string list, str_list
Argument 2: string delimiter, src_delim
Argument 3: string delimiter, dest_delim
Return: string list
Returns a string list, replacing every appearance of the src_delim delimiter in str_list with a dest_delim delimiter. Delimiters must be single characters.
Note that most other string list functions (those beginning with “@w”) require that the delimiter be a space (“ ”). Use this function to convert strings with other delimiters into those which can be used with the string list functions.
@wdelim("Arizona, California, Washington", ",", "-")
identifies the comma as the source delimiter and replaces each comma with a dash, returning the string “Arizona-California-Washington”.
See also @wreplace and @replace.