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"…Use EViews Enterprise to improve your modeling accuracy and work efficiency by connecting directly to your vendor's most recent data"

EViews Enterprise Third Party Data

With EViews Enterprise and an account with your data provider, you can seamlessly search, query, and retrieve data from many third-party data sources, including those listed below1.


IHS Markit Economics

IHS Economics provides the most comprehensive, timely, and accurate economic, financial, and political coverage of countries, regions, and industries available from any source. Detailed history covering over 200 countries and spanning more than approximately 170 industries, IHS economics is an indispensable resource for professionals tasked with monitoring, analyzing and interpreting economic conditions. Used by IHS’ own world-renowned analysts in their forecasting and consulting work.

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"The Bloomberg Professional® service is a powerful and flexible tool for financial professionals in cash and derivatives markets as diverse as equities, currencies, commodities, money markets, government and municipal securities, mortgages, indices, insurance, and legal information. The Bloomberg Professional service seamlessly integrates the very best in real-time data, news, economic analysis and analytics, and provides macroeconomic and industry-level time-series spanning 230 countries/regions, representing datasets from more than 800 government and third-party sources." - Bloomberg

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CEIC covers 120+ countries across the globe and has the data on developed, emerging and frontier markets.



The Datastream platform provides a large range of global financial data, real time and historical.


Energy Information Administration (EIA)

"The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects, analyzes, and disseminates independent and impartial energy information to promote sound policymaking, efficient markets, and public understanding of energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment." - EIA

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"From streaming real-time data to deep historical information, FactSet gives you access to timely and accurate data. With thousands of FactSet-sourced and third-party databases integrated in one flexible analytics platform, FactSet offers a powerful data solution that combines global coverage, deep history, and unparalleled transparency." - Factset


FIS MaarketMap


"FIS’ MarketMap Analytic Platform accepts multiple inputs of market data in any format, normalizes it and delivers it back users, in a way that is easy to understand and manage. The world's leading central banks, statistical agencies and investment banks rely on the MarketMap Analytic Platform for managing their time series oriented big data sets." - FIS

MarketMap formally known as FAME.



"Macrobond is a multinational provider of economic and financial data and software. Our flagship product - the Macrobond Application - offers a broad range of dynamic charting and analytical capabilities, which combined with our broad database makes it a unique research tool for in-depth research, presentations and investment decisions." - Macrobond


Moody's Economy.com

"Moody’s Analytics provides economic, consumer credit and financial data. Data services include access to over 200 million time series for more than 180 countries, updated daily, at the global, macro and regional levels. Concepts include commercial and residential real estate, labor markets, demographics, consumer credit, financial markets, industry and more." - Moody's

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