EViews Video Demonstrations

Below you will find a list of videos demonstrating some of the newer features in EViews. You may click on each title to learn more about that feature.

EViews 13 features

ARDL and NARDL Improvements

Bayesian Time-Varying VAR

Daily Seasonal Adjustment

Jupyter Integration

Difference-in-Difference Estimation

World Health Organisation Connectivity

Trading Economics Data Connectivity

Trading Economics

National Statisical Bureau Databases


Pane and Tab Alternative User Interface

Pane and Tab

Programming Language Debugging


EViews 12 features


Indicator Saturation

LASSO Selection

Graph Animation and Smart Shading

Cross-Sectionally Dependent Panel
Unit Root Tests

Elastic Net, Ridge and LASSO Enhancements

Fractionally Integrated GARCH

Factor Selection Methods

Factor Selection

DBNomics database API support


EViews 11 features

Value-based coloring

Integration with Python

Bayesian VARs

Mixed Frequency VARs

Elastic Net and LASSO

Functional Coefficients

Auto Complete

Auto Complete



Fan Charts

Fan Charts

BEA Data

BEA Data

NOAA Weather Data


Split Frequency Conversion


Command Explorer

Command Explorer

EViews 10 features

Attribute Importing

Workfile Backups

Seasonal Adjustment

SVAR Restrictions

R Integration

Graph Updating

Graph Updating

Live Statistics

Live Statistics

VAR Restrictions

VAR Restrictions

Saving to Tableau®


World Bank

World Bank

Model Bounds

Model Bounds

EViews 9 & 9.5 features

MIDAS regression

Linking of data

Command capture

Auto-ARIMA Forecasting

Forecast Averaging

PMG Estimation

TAR Estimation

ARDL Estimation

Breakpoint Unit Roots

Object preview

EViews 8 features

Linking of data 1

Linking of data 2

ETS Exponential Smoothing

Census X-13

Switching Regression

Bayesian VAR

Panel Cointegration 1

Panel Cointegration 2

Breakpoint Regression

Robust Least Squares 1

Robust Least Squares 2

Robust Least Squares 3

Heckman Selection Models

Bai Perron Tests 1

Bai Perron Tests 2