EViews 11 New Features

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"EViews 11 raises the ante with a number of interface improvements…"


Updated Interface

EViews has always been known for its unmatched ease-of-use, but there's always room for improvement. We've raised the ante in EViews 11 with a number of interface improvements. Here are but a few of the highlights:

Command Explorer

Although EViews is known for its slick graphical interface, many users prefer to use the command language either to issue one-off commands, or as part of a large complicated program.

EViews 11 introduces the Command Explorer which provides a quick way of viewing all the commands available for a certain object type, as well as the associated documentation.

The explorer can be docked, so that it is always at your fingertips, or hidden, becoming available only when you need it.

Command Explorer

Name and Command Auto-complete

Many EViews users field workfiles containing many thousands of objects, or objects with long complicated names. Issuing commands with these workfiles can be difficult as typing the exact name of an object is cumbersome. Naming auto-complete alleviates this issue by allowing you to type only the start of an object name, then have EViews complete the name for you.

Further, once a full object name has been typed in, auto-complete can provide all the commands available for that specific object, allowing you to enter commands at speed.


Value Based Coloring

EViews 11 now value based coloring of series and group spreadsheets and Geomaps using the new colormapping engine. Colormapping allows users to quickly scan and identify particular observations such as outliers or negative values, or show possible numerical trends.