EViews 12 New Features

EViews 12 image

"EViews 12 raises the ante with a new workfile format…"


Updated Interface and Programming Support

Version 12 improves upon the tried-and-trusted EViews interface and programming language with the following new features:

New File Format

The EViews file format, the workfile .wf1 file, is an efficient and robust format that has not changed since EViews 1! In fact you can take a workfile created in EViews 12, and open it in EViews 1, and vice-versa. One of the downsides of the EViews .wf1 file format is that it is a closed format - only EViews is able to open, edit or create .wf1 files.

EViews 12 introduces a brand new, file format, .wf2. This new format is based upon the open JSON standard, and is both human-readable and can be opened/edited/created by external applications.


The .wf2 file format is optional, and the old .wf1 will still be available permanently allowing backwards compatibility.

Markdown Language Support

EViews 12 has extended the printing capabilities of EViews with Markdown. Tables, graphs, and other output objects can now be formatted with the basic features of this simple, easyto-read markup language.


Miscellaneous Improvements

EViews 12 also includes miscellaneous other interface improvements:

  • Improved Python support.
  • Various new functions.
  • Color printing of programs.
  • Matrix based least-squares calculations.