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"…Use EViews Enterprise to improve your modeling accuracy and work efficiency by connecting directly to your vendor's most recent data"

EViews Enterprise Database Object Library (EDO)

The EViews Database Objects (EDO) Library gives you the ability to access data objects held inside EViews databases and workfiles from within an external application.

The library consists of a set of COM objects exported by EViews that can easily be used in a variety of development environments such as Microsoft .NET and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

The API provides full read and write access to EViews databases, as well as read-only access to EViews workfiles. The interface provides access to both the observation values and the attributes of an object. Note that the EViews OLE DB interface also provides access to data within EViews file formats but does not support any write operations and does not support object attributes.

To read more about EViews EDO, download the EDO whitepaper.

Example EDO projects may also be downloaded.