Seminars and Courses

Although IHS EViews provides its own EViews training options, the following EViews related products and services may be of interest to members of the EViews community. Note that the descriptions and links for third-party products, semiars and courses are strictly informative and provided by the third-party service provider. This is not an endorsement by IHS EViews.

Timberlake Consultants 

Introduction to EViews (Dubai)
23rd November 2018
Sofitel, Downtown Dubai
United Arab Emirates

This one-day introductory course provides an introduction to EViews and some of its most popular functions, including: programming, handling graphs, univariate regression and misspecification analysis.

All courses will teach econometrics from an applied perspective and demonstrate techniques using EViews 10 software.

Instructor: Dr. Samer Kherfi, American University of Sharjah

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Macroeconomic Modelling Usign EViews
27th – 29th November 2018
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

This 3-day short-course using EViews provides an essential review of the macroeconomic time series forecasting techniques.

The course focus is on modern time series forecasting methods and is relevant whether you are from a central bank, government institution, hedge fund, commercial company or an academic researcher.

The course will cover:

  • Time Series forecasting
  • Estimation and diagnostic testing
  • Stationary & non-stationary time series
  • General to specific modelling
  • Estimation and diagnostic testing
  • Error Correction models
  • Testing for cointegration
  • Vector Autoregressions

The course is interactive and includes both a theory review and computer practical sessions using EViews.

Attendees should bring a laptop. A temporary time limited training license of EViews will be provided ahead of the course for you to install. If it is not possible for you to bring your own laptop, or prefer to use one supplied by us, this can be organised by prior arrangement. Additional charges apply.

Instructor: Prof. Sean Holly (University of Cambridge)

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Cambridge Econometrics

Introductory Econometrics
Dates on demand

Designed for people with a basic knowledge of statistics but probably very little econometrics, and introduces topics in both time series and microeconometrics. Includes: introduction to economic modelling; introduction to statistical concepts and data analysis; OLS properties, assumptions and violations; applied micro and time series examples.

Instructor: Ben Gardiner .

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Dates on demand

Aimed at intermediate level (some background knowledge / previous econometrics training). Includes: data analysis techniques; policy analysis; dealing with endogeneity; limited / censored dependent variables; introduction to panel techniques.

Instructor: Ben Gardiner.

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Time Series Econometrics
Dates on demand

Aimed at intermediate level (some background knowledge / previous econometrics training). Includes: data analysis techniques; univariate modelling; structural modelling; single-equation cointegration; multiple-equation cointegration.

Instructor: Ben Gardiner.

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Panel Data Econometrics
Dates on demand

Combines elements from both Microeconometrics and Time Series Econometrics to cover a more advanced set of topics, finishing up by looking at leading-edge developments in the field. Includes: panel data analysis; Unobserved effects panel data estimation; dynamic panel estimation; time series panel estimation.

Instructor: Ben Gardiner.

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