Commercial EViews 9 Single-User Pricing1

All Single-User Licenses of EViews 9 come with complete documentation provided in PDF format, including EViews Illustrated for Version 9 by Richard Startz. Once EViews 9 has been purchased you will be sent an email with your serial number and a link to download the EViews 9 installer. You can optionally purchase an installation CD.

You may include one of our training options as part of your purchase. All training packages (including webinars) will receive a 20% discount when purchased with a new license of EViews.

Note that Single-User versions of EViews 9 may be purchased online via clicking on the links below, or visiting the EViews webstore. All other EViews products must be purchased by contacting our office.

Commercial - New License Standard Enterprise

Single-User License

$1,365 $1,745
Commercial - Upgrade License Standard Enterprise

Upgrade from EViews 9 Standard

NA $525

Upgrade from EViews 7 or 8 Standard Edition

$565 $890

Upgrade from EViews 7 or 8 Enterprise Edition

NA $730

Academic EViews 9 Single-User Pricing1

Academic - New License Enterprise

Single-User License


Academic - Upgrade License Enterprise

Upgrade from EViews 1 – EViews 8 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition



To qualify for Single-User Academic License pricing, the licensee must be affiliated with an accredited and degree-granting institution or a secondary school. Faculty and students of academic institutions must provide current proof of academic affiliation.

EViews 8 Student Version1

EViews 8 Student Version comes with complete documentation provided in PDF format. Once purchased you will be sent an email with your serial number and a link to download the EViews installer.

You may purchase the Student Version online via clicking on the link below.

EViews 8 Student Version


EViews 9 CD

CD prices do not include shipping and handling.

EViews 9 Installation CD


1) Prices as of 2015/03/16. Prices are subject to change without notice. Commercial pricing also applies to government agencies. Proof of current academic affiliation is required to qualify for academic pricing.

2) Multiple licenses and volume license pricing is available for new EViews purchases. Contact our office for details

3) Note, students and faculty at academic institutions who have a current EViews site license are entitled to purchase their own stand-alone license of the full versions of EViews at a greatly discounted price. For more details, and to find out if your institution has a current site license, contact

4) The Enterprise Edition has all the features of the Standard Edition plus support for ODBC and support for proprietary data formats of commercial data and database vendors. Specifically support for ODBC (including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2), Datastream, EcoWin, FactSet, FAME  (local and server), IHS Global Insight, Bloomberg, CEIC, Haver Analytics, and Moody’s databases, as well as EDX and EDO support is only provided in EViews Enterprise Edition. Click for more details on EViews Enterprise Edition.