Introduction to EViews

Cost: $150

Introduction to EViews is a three hour and 30 minutes (split into two sessions: 1 hr and 45 minutes) webinar covering the following topics*:

What is EViews?
Overview of the EViews desktop.
  • The EViews Desktop.
  • EViews Workfiles.
  • EViews objects.
Workfiles and Workfile pages - getting data into EViews.
  • How EViews understands/organizes data: The structure of a Workfile.
  • Creating blank Workfiles for three types of data structures.
  • Bringing data into blank Workfiles.
  • Creating Workfiles by reading data in EViews.
  • Creating Workfile pages.
EViews Samples: refining your analysis.
  • Changing the sample.
  • Key Sample functions and if statements.
Series and Groups: EViews data objects.
  • Creating new Series and Groups.
  • Data analysis in one click: Series and Group menu items.
  • Auto-Series.
Estimation in EViews: a first look.
  • Specifying and estimating an Equation.
  • Equation objects.
  • Equation output.
  • Multiple regression analysis.
Introduction to other EViews objects.
  • Graph objects.
  • Table objects.
  • Text objects.
  • Spool objects.

*Syllabus subject to change at any time.