Modelling in EViews

Cost: $250

Modelling in EViews is a three hour and 30 minutes (split into two sessions: 1 hr and 45 minutes) webinar covering the following topics*:

The Model Object: Some Definitions
  • Equations: Stochastic relationships & identities.
  • Variables: Endogenous, exogenous and add-factors.
  • Solutions: Deterministic vs stochastic and dynamic vs static vs fit.
Creating a Model in EViews.
  • Creating and populating a Model object.
  • Adding/removing/linking equations.
  • Adding identities.
  • Updating links.
Working with Models.
  • Equation View (stochastic, identities, etc...).
  • Variable View (Filter/Sort/Dependencies).
  • Text View.
  • Block Structure View.
Solving Your Model: Baseline Scenario.
  • Deterministic solves.
  • Dynamic solutions.
  • Analyzing results.
  • Stochastic solves.
Alternative Scenarios.
  • Excludes.
  • Excluding "actuals" to use a forecast from a different source.
  • Overrides.
  • Changing the path of an exogenous variable.
  • Add factors.

*Syllabus subject to change at any time.