Pool and Panel Analysis

Cost: $200

Pool and Panel Analysis
is a three hour and 30 minutes (split into two sessions: 1 hr and 45 minutes) webinar covering the following topics*:

Panel vs Pool.
  • Overview of pools and panels.
  • Differences between pools and panels.
Pooled Data: Analysis and Estimation.
  • Creating pools (pool objects and pool workfiles).
  • Working with pooled data (analysis and statistics).
  • Pooled estimation (fixed/random effects, robust standard errors).
  • Working with pool equations.
Panel Data: Analysis and Estimation.
  • Panel workfiles.
  • Working with panel data (lags/leads, trends, samples, statistics).
  • Panel analysis (graphs, unit root tests, cointegration tests).
  • Panel estimation (least squares, instrumental variables, GMM and Dynamic GMM).
  • Panel estimation analysis.

*Syllabus subject to change at any time.