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"…Use EViews Enterprise to improve your modeling accuracy and work efficiency by connecting directly to your vendor's most recent data"

EViews Enterprise Database Extensions (EDX) Examples

EDX is a set of COM interfaces that allows users full flexibility to develop and implement a customized connection to bring data automatically into EViews from any public or proprietary data source.

Below we offer two downloads that give examples of using EDX to build an interface to your data.

For more details on EDX, see our EDX page.

Simple EDX Projects

The EDX documentation includes discussion of three sample EDX projects.

The first example illustrates reading from a single text file. The second example uses multiple XML files in a folder, and demonstrates both reading and writing. The third includes a walk through of a Read Only SQL Server database example.

The following download includes these projects in zipped format:

Example files (ZIP, 30kb / right-click to save)

EIA Example Project

You may also download an additional project that contains source code for a full production implementation of an EViews Database Extension to support U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data. This project shows off many advanced features of a database extension including a custom browser implementation.

Example files (ZIP, 600kb / right-click to save)

Click for more details on the EIA interface.